The “oasis” became a Dictatorship: Repression, murders and torture mark the protests for a decent life in Chile

Report of the journalists from NGO Amaranta, Karen Vergara and Cecilia Ananías.
Translated by the lawyer Natalia Bórquez and Cecilia Ananías.

Chile “is a real oasis with a stable democracy”, said President Sebastián Piñera at the beginning of October in the “Mucho Gusto” program of Mega -a national channel-, after being consulted about the crisis that plagued Peru and Ecuador. Only ten days after pronouncing this phrase, the protests that broke out in Santiago and then became widespread throughout the territory made it clear that the oasis was nothing more than a mirage. 

Although the protests began with calls from the students to avoid paying the Metro ticket, given a new price increase, it has not been the only demand for a long time: “It is not for 30 pesos, it is for 30 years”, they exclaim in the streets. Seguir leyendo